Charles DeVeaux

Social Theorist | Cultural Creative

Writing, producing, and facilitating works & conversations about love, modernity, and humanity.

A few words that humble me still:


"Charles speaks with a wisdom beyond his years. His sage advice on the intricacies of marriage and the relationships between men and women come from the honest perspective of a man who lives what he speaks. Listen close and you'll be wiser for it." – Anslem Samuel RocqueNaked With Socks On (NWSO), Moguldom Media Group


"I have known Charles almost all of my life (since second grade) and sharing perspectives with him is always fulfilling. I have been an international school teacher for 12 years and currently teach IB environmental science and global issues in Bangkok. I have written a book about my experience and Charles was one of the few people I sought advice from in the editing process - especially when it came to expressing ideas.  During our many conversations, Charles continually brings up concepts that I regularly use in my classroom. His ideas are far reaching and global. I still use his wisdom and his insightful, forward thinking memes in my classes today.  Memes like this one, I remember him sharing with me several years ago, and they are even more relevant now." – Jalal Tarazi, International School Teacher, IB Teacher, and Ecologist


"Thank you so much!  You are excellent at what you do and I know others need you now.  You made me think about and consider so many things I had been carrying around for so long.  Through your assignments, and especially your talks and insights during our sessions, you showed me the "me" who I knew I could be.  Most importantly, you introduced me to actual guidelines for achieving success." – T. Robinson, Stylist, Arts & Culture Writer


"Charles De Veaux has a refreshing outlook on relationships and marriage that is based in being honest with yourself first and in return honest in your relationship. I also like the idea of relationship reevaluation every couple of years to make sure we're both on the right track." – Pope PhoenixThe Table of Truth


"You made me believe!" – Amy AndrieuxTheStarkLife