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I was honored to be invited on the following podcasts and internet radio show, hosted by some good people, as a guest to share how LoveRules is applied in real life situations...  Here are a few samples.  Give a listen. Naked Radio is hosted by the creators of the award-winning relationship blog Naked With Socks On and culture brand Stark.  This episode of Naked Radio was titled "What Makes a Marriage Work" a.k.a. "Rules for the Groom Before Jumping the Broom."  It featured Juicy magazine’s senior editor Taiia Smart Young and me discussing the essentials of love and marriage with Anslem Samuel Rocque and Amy Andrieux just two days before Anslem's wedding.

LoveRules :  Introduction segment - 2:05

The One :  Call-in question - Is it possible to know your partner is The One? - 1:47

Best Friends :  Should your partner also be your best friend? - 0:51

Arguments :  How should you handle arguments? - 3:16

The Ring :  What's the deal with the ring? - 1:12

Best Advice  :  Anslem Samuel Rocque asks for words of wisdom before his big day. - 1:26

I Wrote This For You :  Amy poses a problem that she, and many others, deal with. - 1:09



As the song says, you never know when life's journey wraps up... so,

Love, today.

Learn to love every facet of your life, with every ounce of your being.   Deepen the relationships in all those areas.  It will further deepen your personal relationships.  How to do that?  With LoveRules...  and a brief description here.

Click on the webisode, below, where I briefly present a viewpoint that you won't often hear.

We must have the courage to determine our own definitions.  Our perspectives and beliefs govern our behaviors and set our relationships up for success or failure.  Most of our expectations for relationships are prescribed by society at large; but some are spoken while others are unconsciously modeled.  In either case we act out our lives according to these expectations, not always considering why, or what can be done differently.  I recorded this, respectfully, in response to the religious invocation, "What God has put together let no man tear asunder," which to me sounds like a ludicrous notion.  How is that possible?  Either that is no kind of God or someone is not yet solid in their union.  Invocation won't help that.  Who knows, maybe it's offered up as a final chance to bail out.  Anyhow, this was my first self-recorded video, so it's on the long side of a vlog; but, there are some real "gems" in here, watch carefully.