Charles DeVeaux

Social Theorist | Cultural Creative

Writing, producing, and facilitating works & conversations about love, modernity, and humanity.



Coach and facilitate individuals and couples with relationship challenges, recovering from destructive relationships, and those interested in self-discovery, or discovering new love, growing in love, and maintaining love.

Ask A Black Man, Season 2

Selected to participate in the much talked about episodes, Manhood and Street Harassment, for the popular women's lifestyle publication

Writing Facilitator

Write curriculum for the arts programs as part of the Writing Curriculum Corp at Harlem Children's Zone.  Facilitate teaching artists in developing project based learning methods and student centered approaches to cultivate literacy and critical thinking skills through the arts.

Facilitator/An Inquiry Dynamic and Intensive Projects

Lead interactive, co-creative, group exercises to stimulate critical and solution-oriented thinking with high school, college, and college graduate students as part of nathantrice/Rituals' Intensive Projects.  Created curriculum which prompts students to become reinvigorated in the development of their crafts and careers.

Strange Love Episodes

Invited as featured writer and dramaturge to collaborate on scene development for nathantrice/Rituals' StrangeLove Episodes.  Created the lyric essay character dialog for the performance, based upon my nonfiction manuscript LoveRules.

Rules for The Groom...

Featured as Relationship Expert on The Naked Radio Show, of the award-winning relationship blog Naked With Socks On, hosted by Anslem Samuel Rocque and Amy Andrieux.

Dating Like An Adult

Featured as Relationship Expert on award-nominated podcast, The Table of Truth.


Responsible for the coaching and development of company management, sales, and service consultants in multiple corporate retail locations within metropolitan NYC area, as Retail Connections Manager.  Repeat Top Gun Award winner.


Managed a team of 6 digital media professionals to consult small and medium sized enterprises [SMEs], artists, and entrepreneurs on marketing strategy.  Coordinated web marketing campaigns, interactive presentations, new media production, and creative networking experiences.