Charles DeVeaux

Social Theorist | Cultural Creative

Writing, producing, and facilitating works & conversations about love, modernity, and humanity.

What is Convergicon?


Convergicon is about engaging the puzzle, the paradox.  Is it impossible for nature and technology to coexist?  Are what we call spirituality and science really at odds?   The wisest sages have said no.  The truth is that all things are one.  But the old debate about religion versus science, or the existence of God, or a Soul, is alive and well.  This debate persists in misunderstanding, both sides speaking so loudly they can't hear each other.  It's easy to become passionately wrapped up and partisan.  After all, we are all here to play our part. 

Convergicon is the understanding that every coin has two sides, and that when flipped it doesn't have to land heads or tails, but can come to rest on its edge.


Check out Convergicon, and look for more posts in the future!