Charles DeVeaux

Social Theorist | Cultural Creative

Writing, producing, and facilitating works & conversations about love, modernity, and humanity.

The Love Interviews in conjunction with acclaimed choreographer Nathan Trice’s Strange Love, will be hosting a series of in-depth, personal, and soul baring interviews designed to create a conversation about love.  Specifically, we seek to identify what couples have found to be the attracting and unifying elements of love, and how to navigate the confusing, messy, or confounding challenges of being in love.  We anticipate that the results of this conversation will inform and encourage people toward "Discovering Love, Being in Love, and Maintaining Love.” By October 31st, 2011, we are looking for 8-9 couples of all types to participate in a 1-hour interview and potentially a small group discussion. The couples can be:

  • peer relationships
  • "traditional" couples
  • "non-traditional" couples

We would also like to have a varied representation of relationship length:

  • short-term = 6 months to 6 years (pre-7-year itch)
  • intermediate term = 6-15 years
  • long-term = 15+ years

The Love Interviews are open to everyone. For this series, there will be no additional qualifying criteria regarding age, nationality, gender, faith, whether previously divorced, or with children.

If you and your partner, or a couple you know, would like to participate, please REPLY HERE with your name and contact information so we can provide you with more information.  Selected couples will receive contributing credits in and Nathan Trice's Strange Love, as well as tickets to see Strange Love, live!

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