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Redefining Your Wedding Ring

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LoveRules episode 1 - Redefining Your Wedding Ring from Charles De Veaux on Vimeo.


Many people are questioning the value of marriage these days.  And I get it.  They’re concerned about the divorce rates.  They’re concerned about the things that cause divorce rates.  Staying in love longterm.  Fidelity.  Finances.  Fears.  But what about connection?

Here’s a LoveRules definition: Marriage is not what you do, it’s what happens.  Don’t worry about society’s baggage.  With values and trust aligned, two people in love can’t be separated.  But Love isn’t as cerebral as we think, either.  It’s a chemical attraction and it’s the result of attracting the qualities you exude the most.  There’s a real chemical connection.  They enjoy each other’s company and are inseparable.  This process happens naturally, so don’t let fear erode your growth toward love and connection.  Time is too precious.

My wife and I use an analogy to describe life.  Your path in life is represented by a circle.  As you move along your life path you are drawn to other people moving along their paths.  Your paths might intersect just for a moment or run parallel for years. Or they might also overlap for a long time.  This is an example of connection, union, marriage; and this will happen regardless of rings, weddings, and witnesses.  Let’s get past the titles and old definitions for a second and be honest. Despite the scrutinizing eye of society, people will connect, or be in love, or have sex, or move in together, at various points in their lives, right?  Just be smart about what’s keeping you together.  If you’re about to have a wedding ONLY to satisfy your families or because you’re afraid you might not have another partner in life, then think again.  Where’s the real connection?  Remember, marriage is not what you do (have a wedding), it’s what happens.

And when you do have a real connection, don’t let negative concerns and stress keep you from enjoying your lives together.  Each moment is precious and we don’t know how many moments we get with our loved one, so live them fully.

Now.  Rings.  Rings are only decorative and symbolic, with no meaning of their own.  These little circles only have value when they reflect the bigger circles of our lives.  On our lives’ paths, are we loving our partners, encouraging each other, empowering each other, uplifting each other?  If, daily, that’s what’s happening, then that’s marriage.  I know, it’s hard not to be impressed by diamonds and gem stones.  But forget the rock.  What’s it worth if 72-days later one person is giving it back or the other person is pissed off for having bought it.  Forget the rock.  Let the foundation of your relationship be your rock.   You know, with the right person, even one of those little candy lifesaver rings will do, and that’s a fact.  Ain’t life sweet?  How simple it can be.

So, work on what moves YOU along the path of your life.   You’ll be surprised whose path you’ll cross.  Your connections will be deeper and more meaningful.  And this marriage idea will be a whole lot easier.  Make room for more.