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LoveRules on The Table of Truth... coming soon!

Let me take this moment to thank The Table of Truth [TOT] for inviting me and LoveRules to be a guest on their weblog award nominated podcast.  The Table of Truth is an entertaining and eye-opening, candid, fly-on-the-wall show exposing the lives of young men in the perspective of four 30-something creative professionals named Pope, Cameron, Duane, and Anthony.  Their podcast answers the question many women curiously and quietly discuss amongst their friends:  What do guys casually think or talk about when we are not around? The fellas of Table of Truth dare to put all topics on display and create a conversation, all the while being themselves.  You can expect to hear me on the show within a couple of weeks.  Don't worry, believe me, I'll be the first to send you a reminder when the show broadcasts. While I'm at it, greetings to Anslem Samuel of weblog award-winning Naked With Socks On [NWSO] - a fellow guest sharing some insight on the upcoming podcast.  [Again, congrats, Anslem!]  Sorry folks, further information about the "congrats" will only be revealed in the upcoming show, so stay tuned!

Not EVER to be forgotten, thanks to Betsy Ice, [web pen name for memoir author & noted travel writer] the cool lady with the warm heart, who saw an opportunity for some good guys to get together and share some real talk, which will get some laughs and broaden the perspective of anyone tuning in to The Table of Truth in the following weeks.

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