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LoveRules on The Table of Truth! Check it NOW!

Hey Everyone ! I am pleased to announce that the good fellas over at award nominated podcast The Table of Truth have released the second show in their 30+ Series.  It's called Dating Like An Adult, and yours truly is a featured guest.  Known for their comedic, entertaining, and candid style, there is nothing these guys don't discuss, but we take it to the next level in an interesting young men's discussion where I join Anslem Samuel of award-winning blog Naked With Socks On, Cameron "Cam", Pope, Duane, and Anthony "Ant" in a journey through the transformational phases of dating like an adult.  Is laughing and learning at the same time possible?  You bet.  Enjoy!

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Dating Like An Adult - click to hear podcast


[Note: The conversation evolves, getting deeper in each 30 min section.  The breaks occur at 30:21 and 59:21.  But hear the whole show, don't miss a beat!]