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Writing, producing, and facilitating at the convergence of love, modernity, and humanism.


My work has developed significantly and I am conducting a new phase of research.  You can find out more details on this page to participate, but in short...

This research is an exploration into how women and men perceive and experience intimacy in relationships.



Although this question is at the center of my attention, right now; I still have interest in some other broader areas.

Love In

My work is in writing, producing, and facilitating conversations about Love.  In the sense used here, Love leans towards romance and relationships.  In finer detail that can include examinations of gender, intimacy, emotions, culture, and even exploring how experiences occur to our consciousness.  The study of social science sharpens my critical lens.

A Modern World TAKES

Additionally, I like to find out new ways that emerging technologies, informed by a thoughtful reading of the humanities, are helping to remake a healthy society and environment.  Now, truly, that, too, is Love.

More Understanding

I encourage spiritual literacy.  Using old frameworks of faith and allegory in conjunction with contemporary scientific explanations, to make coherent sense of human life from ancient to current times, is a system of knowledge I call spiritual literacy.  'Spiritual' refers to the energies basic to human life which are breath, sound mind & emotions, sustenance, and environment.  'Faith' in this use, is the belief, trust, and unwavering use of principles that although invisible to the eye, are indeed reliable.  Practicing spiritual literacy coordinates communication between these disparate areas of knowledge to focus human efforts on addressing humanities' local and global needs, understanding that material imperatives are also spiritual ones.

Using the convergence of these 3 things:

  1. faith
  2. ancestral/indigenous fables as allegory, and
  3. modern scientific capacity,

offers a picture of humanity that shows evidence of a mediating force which has and still holds social beings together, in tension.  This mediating force allows for an interconnected society that holistically thrives even while navigating the strenuous interactions between culturally dynamic opposites, or complements, expressed in our social world.  I think this mediating force, which can also be method, is a greater form of what is commonly called 'Love.'


It's going to take deeper and more understanding relationships, the advancement of spiritual literacy, and engaging the tense cultural shifts within society to see humanity through this transforming, transcending time and safely, sanely, into its technological and spiritual fullness.  It will take a socially cosmic viewpoint, making attempts toward bridging societal divides, thinking introspectively, critically, consciously, and embracing diverse perspectives and experiences, to live a fulfilling life.

The majority of scientific disciplines from biology to quantitative analysis to anthropology have shown that life on Earth survives best because of diversity.  Life now and in the future is no different.  Human life rich in diversity is ready for this convergent age.  This age of understanding.  A new age.


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